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We comply with the criteria of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), No 68 of 2008 as well as the Electronic Communication and Transaction Act, No 25 of 2002.

APR’s between 5 % and 20 %, these costs are an average depending on lender.

Claim Admin Solution Services

Claim Admin Solutions offers a variety of administration services relating to insurance claims. We also offer a online service to our clients which expedite the claim process, enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness. We strive to service excellence and to offer our clients a professional and ethical highly competitive monthly fee.

Legal Services

Our service provider offers the following one stop legal services:

  • Formulation of Trusts (family trusts, business trusts, ect)
  • Draft of Wills, ITC Checks
  • Draft and Prepare Various Commercial Contracts
  • Administration of Estates
  • Rescission of Judgments
  • Clearing of ITC / Credit reports and Divorces
This benefit allows the client a 30% discount.

Annual Tax Returns

Our service provider is a registered tax practitioner with SARS (South African Revenue Service).
They offer a professional taxation service to the client at a 30% discount of their normal fee as a value added service to all our clients.
This will save you the client an enormous amount of time and run around.

Debt Counselling

Debt Counseling is commonly a process that is used to help individual clients with debt settlement through a variety of tools with the goals to reduce and ultimately eliminate debt. A debt counselor is empowered by contract to act on behalf of the debtor to negotiate with creditors to resolve debt that is beyond a debtors ability to pay.